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COMMERCIAL TRACK | all categories

This ticket will provide entry into the Commercial Track of Keelvar Konnect.

This includes:

  • Entry to the full day of presentations by Procurement Industry experts discussing an array of topics related to the future of strategic sourcing with sourcing automation relevant to all categories.

  • Refreshments & Lunch

  • Networking with forward thinking, like minded procurement professionals

THE Bot Learning Lab

A select group of enterprises will share their lessons learned in building Sourcing Bot prototypes. Each company will engage one-to-one with a Keelvar Bot Architect prior to the event to build a bespoke Sourcing Bot prototype for a specific challenge. These prototypes will be presented at Konnect just to other Learning Lab participants, giving you the opportunity to learn from other (non-competing) businesses.


  • Demo video of your custom made Sourcing Bot

  • Deep learning experience of Sourcing Automation and bots with Keelvar Bot Architects

  • Four 1-to-1 sessions with your Keelvar Bot Architect to identify your needs and requirements, with best practice recommendations

  • Intricate understanding of how other enterprises are future-proofing their procurement functions

  • Recommendations for next steps for your company’s journey with Keelvar

  • Exclusive Networking  with Keelvar Team & other forward-thinking procurement professionals